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When You're Here,
You're Home.

We created The West Hollywood Huntley as a home base for today's nomads and creative globe trotters. Our short term stays offer a looser kind of luxury - with stellar design, a top notch location and all the amenities you could wish for. 

Meet The Designers


Gia Casty

Real Estate Advisor + Designer + Investor

With over 18 years of experience in the real estate industry, Gia is an expert at reimagining properties to create the ultimate lifestyle. That is exactly what she did with The West Hollywood Huntley.  Her knowledge, skill, community and taste level make her an invaluable asset to renovation projects, as she is able to approach a project from both the lens of buyer and seller. Gia specializes in selling multi-million dollar homes in the Los Angeles area as well as creating/investing in luxury short term rental properties.


Eva Holbrook

Interior Designer

A well seasoned designer and expert at reimagining spaces, Eva has been featured in Lonny, Rue, Dwell & Sunset Magazine.  Following the guiding principle of Wabi-Sabi, her design process seeks to transform homes into sanctuaries. Eva believes A well designed space, like any other well designed object, must evolve & maintain excellence over many years and not just in the moment it is first constructed. Her work is aims to celebrate the most important ceremony of all; daily life.

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